Why do people take HGH supplements?

The human growth hormone, more commonly known as HGH is a form of replacement therapy that aims to duplicate the effects of the growth hormone.

As the name implies, the growth hormone has anabolic effects on the body’s tissues which means that its effects are usually associated with building up or obviously, growth.

HGH therapy has now become widespread as it is used for a variety of functions. The use of human growth hormone is seen as a natural remedy to reverse aging and all its unwanted effects.

Also, it has been used recently as the key substance in therapies aimed to promote weight management among people of all ages.

It could be said that the use of HGH is still in its infancy stage because despite the fact that its utilization has become widely accepted in the field of medicine, all of its functions and effects – both positive and negative – have yet to be identified completely and comprehensively.

How Does It work?

In a nutshell, HGH basically works by replicating whatever effects the growth hormone has on our body. Much like other protein hormones, HGH also aims to interact with cell receptors in order to promote its functions.

Effects of human growth hormones in the body include stimulation of the immune system, reduction of the liver’s glucose uptake, and increase of calcium retention, among other things.

Human growth hormone treatment also has the ability to reduce one’s body fat by accelerating the breakdown of fat cells. The increase in muscle mass for those who undergo some form of therapy can be attributed to the increase in protein synthesis which is another effect of hormone on the body.

The Benefits

Folks who finally decide to take some form of HGH will surely experience a lot of benefits from this substance. As mentioned earlier, it is considered to be one of the most powerful anti-aging treatments of today.

Most HGH products will usually require users to regularly intake the product for a span of six months for optimum results. Some of the benefits include:

  • √ Increased energy and stamina
  • √ Better sleeping habits
  • √ A more positive overall attitude
  • √ Strengthened muscles
  • √ Improved skin tone and elasticity
  • √ Improved mental processes
  • √ Enhanced sexual desires
  • √ Greater flexibility
  • √ Considerable weight loss
  • √ Reduction of wrinkles
  • √ Healthier hair
  • √ Reduction of cellulite
  • √ Improved immune system
  • √ Better eyesight
  • √ Decrease in joint soreness and pains
  • √ Superior heart rate

Types Of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

There are 3 common types of therapy which are all widely used today:

  • Injection – The most expensive type of hormone replacement therapy is HGH injection. Also, it is the one that should requires the most caution from potential users. Because of the delicacy of the procedure, it is considered to be a last resort type of option for most patients and should only be undertaken upon the advice and management of a competent physician.

Because of the fact that this kind of jections are artificial in nature, it is also known to have the most adverse side effects among the three.

  • Sprays -The second and most popular type of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are HGH sprays. Unlike HGH injections, sprays do not require a prescription and can very easily be purchased from a variety of sources. Instead of artificial hormones, HGH sprays make use of homeopathic hormones known as Somatropin. Not only is it the most accessible, but HGH sprays are also considered to be the safest form of HRT therapy.
  • Releasers – Lastly, there are also what are known as HGH releasers. Similar to sprays, human gorth hormone releasers also do not require a physician’s prescription. They usually come in capsule, tablet, pill, or powder form which is taken in by the body through its digestive tract.


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